A nutty idea

There is a torrential downpour forecast for this week. I came home during a lull, grabbed my tablet and both of my phones and thought, “I’m going to the office/coffee shop to take advantage of the quiet time to write a scene for my upcoming novel.” Why, oh why, did I check my email before going outside?

Image: Alexandru Zdrobău via Unsplash.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I live in the same universe as the author who wrote bestselling fan-fiction about a woman who was kidnapped and assaulted by a dude for 365 days. Therefore, I will write whatever I like. Please do not misunderstand this post. I am not griping about feedback from a man who tried to say I was “nutty” for using research and my fertile imagination to write a fictional story.

As I have said before, people like what they like. And when they don’t, here come the excuses. It’s like when a guy meets a girl and she has a perfect oval face, hair that is soft and silky, and skin like nectar. She is kind, polite, chews with her mouth closed, and speaks five languages. Except … she has a 32A chest and he can’t feel it for her, he whines to his friends over a beer, because his eyes cannot focus on a woman who does not have a 36 GG chest. And if that woman has to go to Seoul or Bangkok and have them stitched into her body for his viewing pleasure, so be it. “You’re giving me a real athletic vibe,” he later says to the girl over spaghetti. “Are you into sports? You should be a sports model.” The girl feels bad.

Image: Timur Romanov via Unsplash.

In July, I was worried that people would find my story bland, given the current year we live in. However, this afternoon, I read a message explaining to me that the story for The Quarter Percent was quote, A NUTTY IDEA THAT WORKED OUT WELL IN YOUR MIND, unquote. Get it? This person accurately described my process for writing every fictional story that I’ve ever published on this blog.

People enjoy reading about themselves. So, I guess he felt left out? One of the women in my novel is an engineer who does engineering things, while being partially clothed. A real woman doing a postdoctoral fellowship in engineering read it and sent me an email to say she enjoyed the story. And to be fair, if I read a book by an author who was using their work to attack a protected class or group, I would shred it and mail it to the publisher.

Women writers hear the darnedest things.

But I tell you all of that because I want to say that the story for the sequel to my first novel is over-the-top, dystopian, unconventional, irreverent, and chaotic. In fact, my process is that if scenes feel NORMAL they are immediately scrapped. Or I rewrite until things get CRAZY. If someone reads that novel and doesn’t think it’s crazy, I will be very upset.

After a busy month of literally no weekends, I finally have a four-day weekend coming up. I will be spending most of it writing. Some day, in the future, you will meet Mimi, a public health nurse who has lost her sense of humour given the situation unfolding in her country. Compared to her, Rue of Vale is going to look like a Sunday school teacher.

Good talk.

35 thoughts on “A nutty idea

  1. Pardon my absence, I’ve moved into a new place and am still settling in. If I download The Quarter Percent for Kindle do I have to have a Kindle to read it? Or could I just read from my computer?

    Nevermind that dude, write what comes bursting out of you and don’t look back.

    32A Club Member right here! I tell the fellas, don’t be so damn greedy. You get a handful and that’s all you need.

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    1. Hello fellow club member, and thanks for visiting. It is always great to have you. Glad to hear the move went well. The book will be stored in your Amazon cloud bookshelf, so you can read it from your computer or app. But it is weird to swipe sideways and it is a slightly different reading experience from the tablet, as I wrote it to be read on either a tablet or phone screen. I remember you saying you preferred a physical copy. I’ve got one ready for you. Big hugs.

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      1. That’s very kind of you, I’m excited to read it! I sent you an email. My poor eyeballs do prefer print since I’m in front of a screen for work all day and actually have “computer vision syndrome” according to the eye doc. Oh boy…

        Hugs back!

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  2. The Quarter Percent is sitting in my kindle, soon to be cracked open. I love your statement on your new WIP – “my process is that if scenes feel NORMAL they are immediately scrapped.” Oh my! Sounds wild. 😀 Happy Writing!

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    1. You’re amazing, Hannah. 💕🥰 And you show it every day in your kindness and compassion for others. Let us all enjoy and appreciate our bodies, and adorn them as we like. Thank you for your support.

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  3. Just read the two posts. Rue is someone who definitely represents the Royal Order because I think how much she wants to destroy her husband for betraying her, she indeed keeps an eye for the throne so that no malice comes to it. She tries to lure Cassidy with that check so that she may not speak of it again. The calm in her voice when she both threatens and towards the end gets a stylist for her is devilish in many ways. What story is readable without any crazy in it. Looking forward to read and meet Mimi.
    Also, I am sorry about the people that often see a woman as an app or just a breast size. A woman just like Rue I think is born a Royal and Royalty lies with her wherever she goes.
    All the best Lily. 😇

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  4. Writers write for themselves! I do. We do not write for others we do not know with tastes we do not understand. If people like my work, bonus. If they don’t . . . fine. I write what amuses me. You know you better than anyone else!

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    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate this. There is nothing more soul-sapping than seeing formulaic write-by-numbers templates. I’ll read a story on the back of cereal box if the author is fully present. That’s all I want.

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  5. In my short time of reading you, more accurate to say that, than knowing you, I sense a creative mind full of surprises(even to yourself) brilliance, frustrations and unexpected turns..Obviously a method to your “madness” does exist, if you are willing to re-write and re-work a scene until it feels like you. Some writers are hard to find in what they write; they seem detached from their own works. You however, are very present and tangible in all your various projects and poetry. I feel a gifted mind, not afraid to experiment, and that is very exciting…I look forward to see what you produce…🎶

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    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment. I’m grateful for your support. I want to entertain and excite people while opening their minds to the possibilities. We can be evil, fiercely competitive, rude, aggressive and backbiting in a world that is free of racism and sexism. I think people are scared that if the world becomes a more tolerant place, it will become boring. But there is plenty of awfulness in the world to keep us occupied. Sometimes, I have to ask Google what century I live in, and that is a terrible thing.

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