The Feast at Samhain

Three pairs of eyes, dusted heavily with shadows of Dior, beamed at the stage where a D-list “vessel” was just sold. The auction house, or rather, suite, was rattled by the combined assault of perfume, statement earrings and martini shakers. Plush carpets steadied the unquiet clacking of new Louboutins.

Up next was a down-on-his-luck A-list actor with perfect teeth, two ex-wives and mortgage payments of $60,000 a month. His nickname was, “Paper Tiger.” The auction proceeds, minus a 9% fee to the organisers, would net him more than he earned from his latest blockbuster film. He was a raw vegan, free of infection, drugs and alcohol. They could have called him, “Prime Meal.” His blood was that refined.

The auctioneer called the bid. “Vessel withholding one litre of highest quality, purest, untainted blood of Hollywood’s acting elite. Bidding starts at nine MILLION dollars.”

The actor’s pulse raced as all paddles clapped the air in unison. It was one past nine of the clock. The vampires would continue bidding for two hours and ten minutes.


Happy Halloween!

Photo credit: The three vampires are wearing Christian Dior Haute Couture – via Blogazine.

136 thoughts on “The Feast at Samhain

  1. sanberdooboy says:

    whoa! i love the genteel ferocity of this piece. it reads like satire, to me, even to the narrator who seems not at all upset about what is going on. my favorite line: “They could have called him, ‘Prime Meal.’ His blood was that refined.”

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    • Sabiscuit says:

      Thank you so much. I felt naughty. 😂 And yes, the narrator might as well be be filing her nails and chewing gum. That line you like, I added it in for a friend and she loved it. 💕❤️


        • Sabiscuit says:

          Thanks, Randy. You’re very kind. Someone else suggested that I expand the story but I wonder if it would be a thriller. It would be kind of sadistic. The vampires won’t bother you, promise.


  2. Arlene G. says:

    Hi Sabiscuit! 🙂 The thought of being a perpetual blood host to those vampires sounds awful. It is also creepy that the actor willingly does this for money. His blood auction reminds me of stories I have heard about some musicians and celebrities selling their souls to the devil for fame and fortune.

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  3. Sasha Conaway says:

    Such an interesting concept. It makes me wonder, what happens to the vessels after bidding? And just how desperate is this man? Will his blood be worth all the money he makes in the end? I think this calls for Part 2 😉 Anyway, I really liked this story, especially the take on vampires (and perhaps the fashion industry and celebrity itself). Nice picture too.

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    • Sabiscuit says:

      Sasha, thank you so much for leaving this wonderful comment with questions. You’re so kind – part two crossed my mind but that’s a thriller and the vampires would win. It is a critique of any money making enterprise with people and images as driving forces. I have been eagerly the types of questions you’ve raised. The vessels as you understand them to be, are humans with blood which the vampires are after. Our A list actor’s blood is not worth all the money he makes. He thinks so because he is naive and a bit self obsessed. Once the vampires taste him, there will be a psychic connection and they’ll haunt him – think vivid, walking dreams bordering on hallucinations. Vampires don’t like when you talk about them. So if he tries to go to counselling, they’ll invade his mind and drive him mad and no one will believe him. He is physically protected as his blood is “green” but might be forever obliged to satisfy them. He is free as long as he abides by his “keep quiet” contract. Thank you again for joining the discussion. Happy Halloween. xo

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