All Hallows’ on the Styx


Bast sings a melody for the
Elbows to the chest we’re on the
Oars to the moon
night’s old as fire
turning not returning
in the winding gyre

Steer to the left
souls bare all pain
Face to the knee go Zael and Cain
slouching off to Bethlehem
filled with guilt
Roll to the right
you’re on the Styx!

Chant with the Lion
cramps this cold
Eyes on the Lion
pull and hold
Reach for the Lion
push and fold
Elbows to the chest
pull and hold!



All Hallows’ on the Styx | SB
(Stay out of the Styx)

Image credit: Bastet by Eireen via Deviant Art
 with samples from the poem “Second Coming”
by William Butler Yeats

Requiem for a Throne

(i) Tower


(ii) Descent


(iii) Ascent


 _| ̄|○  Requiem for a Throne  _| ̄|○

When Mercy trumpets her light
to anoint our mortal flesh,
shall we drink the last
red drops from this
holiest of Holy Grails?

When the wisest flake of snow
floats down upon the Lord,
astound me with the hope
we will rule all men as one

May Perpetua guide you, Love,
to sit on this gilded Throne
May she raise her sacred hand
and bless us all the World


 [ – Requiem for a Tower -]
Escala, from the album Escala

Author’s notes: The recommended soundtrack is Escala’s “Requiem for a Tower”, which is a reorchestrated version of “Lux Aeterna” from the film, Requiem for a Dream. This poem, Requiem for a Throne, draws from the Requiem Mass. I took the photos in a glass tower on October 14. Thank you for visiting.

Waiting for Chapter Eleven

Subway exit eleven

Metaphors thwacked the author across the face as he reached for his Entitled Spirit™ birch branch. It was imported from a Helsinki sauna. On the warmest day in October, writing a cohesive sentence felt like duct-taping smoke to a wall.

The oversized twig was pricey, at $350. The author flogged himself gently to avoid breaking it. The ashram guru lady told him that all knowledge comes from dark matter. That was why he also burned juniper incense. He wanted to catch meaning from the all-knowing Disc Jockey in the sky.

Presently, he encountered a simile about Tom Selleck and Miami Vice. But it fled like a pink lace bikini caught in a maelström.

Maelström. Arghh… I should have been born Swedish. With a name like Kimi Joens Hallstrom, I could right now dictate a stream of consciousness best seller into this device. Wait… That’s not helping.

A thought serving of moxy falafel sauntered in. But before he could flirt with it, that same idea skipped away along the shores of Nothing Beach.



Photo “Exit Eleven” is mine.

Caramel popcorn + Almond milk

Monday feels extra ordinarily mundane because I spent most of last week out of town, at an art conference. Today, my hemline has dropped to the usual mid calf length. My knees are warm again, and I need some cheering up.

caramel and almond popcorn, caramel corn and chocolate coated potato chips in almond milk(i) Caramel-almond popcorn

Popcorn is my snack of choice. Since May, I’ve fantasised about photographing a handful of popcorn in a lake of almond milk.

chocolate coated potato chips in almond milk(ii) Chocolate coated potato chips

Which means, these photos were going to happen and how soon was now. The chocolate coated potato chips are to torture for HB.

caramel and almond popcorn, caramel corn and chocolate coated potato chips in almond milk(iii) Caramel corn

Caramel corn is multifunctional. I can chew them or toss them at my iPad if commercials interrupt videos I’m watching on YouTube. YouTube is all about me and not advertisers. Otherwise, they would have called it, “That’s_Super_Annoying_Tube”.

Until next time, enjoy playing with your food.

Fig and blueberry porridge

oatmeal with maple walnuts, blueberries and fresh figs (i) Oatmeal with figs, walnuts and dried blueberries

That oatmeal was a sweet treasure hunt for a handful of maple roasted walnuts. My kitchen is a happy place. It’s a meditation space for creating healthy, tasty, visually appealing meals.

Community outreach makes me happy, too. Today is World Porridge Day. On October 10, people the world over support Mary’s Meals, a charity organisation that feeds school children in Malawi.

spoonful of the same fig porridge, full of blueberries (ii) Want some?

Golden Spurtle, sponsors of the event, say that “World Porridge Day aims to raise awareness of the role that porridge plays at Mary’s Meals projects in Malawi, where a daily mug of maize-based ikuni phala is an incentive for children to go to school.”

Black rice risotto with white mushrooms, purple mini tomatoes and bok chow (ii) Black rice risotto with fish, bok chow and white mushrooms

Later, I made a black rice risotto but it was hard to photograph because I kept tasting it. Golden Spurtle shares porridge recipes and organises a porridge championship. When I found out about the event on Thursday morning, I decided to create two recipes and spread the word. I hope you’ll join me next year.

Golden Spurtle is on Twitter @GoldenSpurtle.

Foggy ones, near Lonavala

train track, curved, photographed from moving train

Hello everyone, I invited Trablogger of Pho|Trablogger, in couch surfing tradition, to guest post excerpts of a photo essay of his journey, by train, from Bangalore to Mumbai.  You can find the full story, with lots of people watching photos, on his blog, Pho|Trablogger.


track2, the side of the train, traveling around a curveThe foggy ones were captured near Lonavala.


track3, dense white fog is seen to the left side of the photo, green shrubbery is on the groundIt was such a beautiful morning for anyone to start a journey.


track4, the side of the train, traveling around a curve, a green sign is seen in the bushes opposite the trainThings were happening quite normally all around and I started my S10 journey that morning. But I got bored of doing nothing.


track5, dense white fog is seen to the left side of the photo, green shrubbery is on the ground and a triangular sign with 30 is on the ground
While others had gadgets, I had my camera and I started observing people.


track6, a man in a pink shirt is leaning out of the train and taking a photo; the train has stopped and is taking on new passengersI found interesting things to capture. I found legs all around in that crowd. But no one cared about them.


track7, the train is travelling around a bend and you can see a brick pavement
Then someone said ‘check out hands too’ and I saw one untangling something.


track8, lush greenery is seen opposite the train, from the side, the sign, S10 is seen

Out of these contrasts, within a small space, someone said, “everything is going to be alright.”


track9, some bush is seen opposite the train, from the sideWith that assurance, my S10 journey continued through the beautiful and surreal landscapes of India…


track10, lush greenery is seen opposite the train, from the side, the sign, S10 is seen…with lush greenery all around.


+(*._.~) [>>> …

Foggy ones, near Lonavala x Trablogger
“Let’s go for a photo walk”
Trablogger is on Twitter @jiths and Instagram @trablog
Photographs copyright Trablogger. All Rights Reserved.

Tasting the boundaries

 (i) Decorated ceiling.

My palate does not have many boundaries. Like most of you, I love tasting food from around the world. While waiting for my meal, I made a list of obvious boundaries. My first thought was that they protect us. When I noticed the ceiling, I realised I was sitting in the story.

 (ii) Beer translates well across borders.

My friend popped over to say hello. I know that some readers like beer, so I asked for a photo, keeping her face out of frame. Privacy rights are conceptual boundaries that are sometimes crossed when photos are shared. My friend liked this photo and gave me permission to share it.

 (iii) Cheese bibinba in a hot stone bowl.

My meal arrived and I steadied the edge of the heated stone bowl. I mixed the toppings with the brown rice underneath to cook up a taste sensation. You can just see the cheese melting.

 (iv) Stone bowl.

Later, I had some Korean pancake made with mochi rice. The edges were nice and crisp.

 (v) Korean pancake.

I hope you can enjoy some crispy, edgy food this week. Until next time, be well.

Hunter/Tyrant: A bedtime story

Rapturous applause struck my ears like thunder. The hunter/tyrant drank it up like a greedy crone feasting on the soup of her lover’s bones. She was all, “come hither”. She had not done any work, but there she was, rebranding herself as an artista. As I went to challenge her, she tousled her hair. She let the strap of her camisole drip lazily off her right shoulder. In that wilfully helpless way, she contrived to divest every man of self-doubt.

Black and white GIF of a woman, removing her top

I wanted to denounce the pantomime but you should have seen the men. One handsome youth in his fifties raced away from a tequila sunrise. His younger buddy abandoned an espresso on a wet, wooden deck. A third party smacked his face on a utility room shelf while sneakily texting her in the dark.

Tom Hiddleston hugging Viggo Mortensen, in Return of the King

Eyeing a Sharpie in my purse, I thought about defacing the screen of her android device. Something like, “Sit down, xoxo. You are a fraud.”


Hunter/Tyrant: A bedtime story
x SB

GIF image credits:
“Faust Murnau damsel in distress”
courtesy Ensalada de lengua de pajaritos via Tumblr;
“Tom Hiddleston in Return of the King”
courtesy Sherlockspeare via Tumblr.