Spare some change, Ma’am?

coins from Taiwan and Hong Kong, photographed in a black tote [i] Taiwan and Hong Kong, in homage to the 007 films

Change is tough to do. Photographing mine was certainly more challenging than I expected.

Australian five dollar note with an assortment of coins; featured is the back of a large coin and it is marked Silver Jubilee [ii] Australia and Silver Jubilee

I don’t carry a lot of loose change in the tan wallet. It does not stretch. I know what you’re thinking but my coin purses keep small objects I tend to misplace, like my USB sticks. Rabbit coin purse up ahead.

Three wallets, one tan, one navy blue and one white, lie on a silk cloth, next to an assortment of coins [iii] Notes from Singapore, India and Australia

coin purse, featuring lip balms and two USB sticks and a coin from the Ukraine [iv] Ukraine with rabbit coin purse (from November, 2014)

When traveling overseas, I must make at least one transfer before I reach my destination.

United States coins, assorted [v] United States

Taxi, train and small purchases in each country require cash, so I need different types of currency. They come in handy on subsequent trips. At my favourite transfer, some ₩ (won) help me out.

Several Korean won coins, on the back of a receipt, with the message, someone likes you [vi] South Korean won, for a beverage at the Incheon Airport Starbucks

Thai bhat coin, resting on raw gemstones in amethyst and onyx [vii] Thailand, with raw amethyst and onyx purchased there

The woven silk fabric is from Myanmar and below, the tote that started this post.

A note on the back of the black tote reads, thanks for always [viii] Thanks for always being nice to me when I visit your country

Thank you for viewing. Have a fabulous week.

Confessions of a loved up tourist


Heart points to the sun (namaskara)
I gauge my strength (pranayama)
That’s what I have, a trussed up karma
to trek, amazed, through life (mandala)

+>_<)))”””””””’  (#*_*

Kicking up a storm in this Jedi drama
Gambling luck like a Furyan
Jousting with a hungry itch
while praying for mánna
till I swoon like a loved up tourist


Confessions of a loved up tourist
x SB
Photo credit: “Rey” Star Wars, The Force Awakens via HitFix

Make a tissue box cover with a handkerchief

This time round, I combine the concept of grids with something practical anyone can try. I have grown to like plaids and check fabrics. Today is Monday and I’ve included a selection of my mundane stuff.

Set of handkerchiefs in check patterns from Burberry, Kitson and Vivienne Westwood, along with other items, photographed outdoors

Below, you will see two tissue covers, three of my favourite handkerchiefs and a mini hand towel. Later, you’ll see a green and white mini tote for a lunch container.

One tissue cover, open

I have a terrible cold and, over the weekend, consumed a whole box of lotion tissues. I cover tissues in two ways. The easier way is to remove the tissues from the boxes and place them inside one of two flat covers.

A large multipurpose wrapping cloth in red and white check, open, with the tissue box on top

The other way is to use a handkerchief or square of cloth to cover the box. It takes less than a minute. This box is oversized, so I used a multipurpose wrapping cloth. I have two in this red and white check. The other one wraps a different lunch container.

Cloth ends are tied up at one end of the box Drop the box in the middle, fold up and adjust as you work.

Knot tied at one end of the boxAlmost done, but I crush down the top ends of the box to give the cloth more room to move. Tie and tuck the ends.

The box is completely wrapped, with the box ends crushed down to make room for the cloth to fit overFinished. That didn’t take long. Remember to crush the box ends if you need more room to work. (Miss Vivienne looks pleased.)

Thank you for viewing. I hope you’ll like covering your tissues.

Buenos Aires

[2007] Old Fiat 600 Old Fiat 600, light blue, taken outside a house in Buenos Aires, in 2013

My cells are dividing and divided they stand. One inspired half plunders my visual cortex for clues. But I realise what I’m up to. I am sneakily trying to rebuild a collection of happy memories.

Imprints, from the other half, lead the attack on Zion. And, with a Titan’s will, they deny me another stroll down golden streets. One memory stays alive. It is false but what I’ve asked for. It was the tense and anxious minute after she slammed the bathroom door.

She was putting on her makeup and, in my mind, I saw her plan. It was to smear my trusting entrails over a square of mirrored glass.



Buenos Aires x SB

Photo credit: Old Fiat 600 (in Buenos Aires)
by Diego Torres Silvestre via Flickr/Wylio
with special thanks to HB at Not so random thoughts for the prompt
“I saw her putting on the makeup”
for the Two Phrase Story post one Thursday.

Collage style cover for multi-functional journal

I promised a fellow blogger, Eva, I would show her how to do one of my art projects. She is a primary school teacher and I thought of a project she could do with the children.

I recycle magazine pages to create collages. Mostly, I paint on them. Occasionally, I use collages to personalise sketchbook covers. All I need are magazines, a book with a paper cover, glue and scissors. I tear out a story and glue away.

scrapbook, scissors, masking tape, magazines

This is a croquis sketchbook. It is larger than a copy of Esquire or Bazaar (pictured). One book has 100 pages. If both sides are used, you can have 200 entries.

scrapbook, open, blank pages

These sketchbook pages will have many functions, all rolled in one:

  • guest book
  • photo album
  • scrap book
  • notebook
  • journal/day book
  • sketch book

magazine cutouts arranged on the cover

After selecting pictures and cutting out text, I arrange everything loosely.

I sometimes visit homes with official guest books, and I thought it would be fun to modify the idea. For example, you could ask house guests to pose for instant photos. Later, they can add notes for your album pages. Or, young siblings may enjoy updating a book as a yearlong project.

magazine cutouts arranged on the cover

Need it —–> Glue; magazines; notebook or sketchbook with paper cover.

glue swiped on the cover
Opt it —–> Oil markers or acrylics; decorative masking tape; a friend to chat with.

done and taped with decorative masking tape
All done and taped down. Work it —–>

  • Find striking images, words or lettering.
  • Try to tell a story as you search.
  • Tear or cut around text or pictures.
  • Arrange the cutouts for a quick look.
  • Glue cutouts to the cover.
  • Try to cover the entire space, the more overlaps the better.
  • Do not try to be neat.
  • Use decorative masking tape or clear tape to secure weak points.
  • If you like, you could add a painting or drawing with oil markers.

done and taped with decorative masking tape, close up

Use it —–>  One entry page should be as crowded as possible. Share the fun with friends.

open page with welcome message and heart shaped sketch

Thank you for viewing. I realised too late the camera automatically switched to the “hand held night scene” setting, hence the romantic ambience. (Palms forehead). Happy crafting until next time.

Marina (I like the same boat)

Melsaka, a smart yellow boat, docked [i] Parked, at the marina. Do you like yellow?

o  o O

Two styrofoam fenders to protect the boat from damage [ii] Fenders (filtered). I almost fell in.

o  o O

Lucia, black boat, viewed from the back, with a view of the dock [iii] Miss Lucia. The temptress.

o o O

Yellow boat, again, with a view of the dock [iv] Deck view.

o o O

Closer close up to adjoining boat, with a large metal protrusion that looks like a diaper pin [v] Bobby pin.

o o O

+~__~`_ …..

I played with the word “monochrome” and translated it to “one thing” and “chrome stuff.” These photos were taken in July, August and September from a favourite hangout spot. I focused on one boat, because of her pretty colour. It was windy and overcast after I arrived this afternoon, so I had some fun with filters. And just so you know, the boat owners are as cool as their vessels.

Sail back soon x SB

She says, “i is for iWitch”

Macbeth 06

Witch 2
By the twerking of my humps, something wicked this way clumps… *

Lady Macbeth
I heard that. Go and tickle a newt’s fig.

The Lady and I want to adopt a child.

Lady Macbeth
Just tell us if he will leave a legacy for the world to inhabit.

Witch 1
Soon is the hour and so is the time. Twin sons arise on his belligerent hearth. Their boisterous beginnings lose speed at the seventh hour.

Witch 2
And tunes ring out of apples fashioned from glass.

Witch 3
Dark scripts spew from his Amazon’s plate.

Witch 1
Gently, he coaxes the spirits and they croon lyrics matching his mood.

How many spirits are at his command?

Witch 2
The list scrolls … seemingly without end!

Witch 3
The people ask for direction and they all sweetly obey Sir’s will.

Witch 1
So you may, at peace, be still.


She says, “i is for iWitch”
For those who dream of the impossible
In response to the “He says…” series by Stephen Day of the Iconophile
Photo credit: Lady Macbeth and the Three Witches
by Garry Knight via Flickr
Crown logo courtesy of Keep Calm o Matic

* “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes”
Second Witch, Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Act 4, Scene 1
contains a sample from Mary A Baker’s, “Master the Tempest is Raging”

~ Keep calm and tickle a newt’s fig ~

Bird’s nest

View of street through window from second floor of coffee shop
[i] Nostalgic

People watching from my favourite perch. I wish you a great week ahead, wherever you are.


View of street through window from second floor of coffee shop toy camera filter
[ii] Toy camera (obscura)

After a  long day of connecting with people, I often decompress before heading home, by connecting with more people. How about that?

I was at work this weekend, so Monday will be my holiday, the same as my American friends. My plan is to sleep off a mild cold with Inside Story (Australia) episodes on autoplay in the background. May you have a restful Labour Day.

Best wishes x SB

Agent Z

Her feet caress the warm concrete. A big toe inches towards the edge. Forty storeys above ground, I wish this medium-sized prop would take the risk for certain depth. That’s the kind of woman I would want for myself. She reaches her arm behind and he nudges it into position. With a camera, he zeroes in on her back: no tripod, both hands. Tensing her body, angling to one side, she makes herself narrow, and the capture is tight. She is not wearing a harness. If she tumbles now, the world will say her boyfriend is to blame. It could be my bad mind but I wonder if accident insurance would pay him the benefits.

I shake my head and think. He must have asked her to commit to chewing rocket leaves on three-salad weekdays. Someone advised her to chomp down and wait a bit. It’s not done to demand the diamond at the age of twenty-six. This globe-trotting team is cloying. I’ve seen them on the news. I go back to surveilling the sidewalk. I worry the woman will land on top of my target. Either way, I complete this assignment today.  


Image credits Sniper scope by KarateBrot via Video Copilot Follow Me to: Series article via Instagram/Pixel Pluck.